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SEO For Dentists: Quick Guide On How To Get More Patients Online

Dentists are now becoming smart and learning the prime importance of digital marketing of their dental practices to attract new patients. Most of them are redesigning their websites to keep in touch with their regular patients while increasing their dental market reach.

Some dentists these days are making use of content marketing strategies on their own to get more engagement on their social media accounts. But all of these digital marketing efforts would go in vain if the dentists are not optimizing their websites for search engines to rank them up quickly. Their websites need dental search engine optimization or say, the SEO.

There was a time when dental patients used to go for the Yellow Pages, but now they prefer finding dentists online. It is obvious that they would not search beyond the first page of results. So those dental websites which do not search engine optimized would not rank at the top on Google or Bing and hence would remain ignored.

The solution to this is having dentistry SEO done. With this, it would be easy for you to find new patients and retain them without much hassle. So let’s delve deep in knowing the nuances of some advance yet affordable SEO practices for you all dentists!

So What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

That is the first question that pops up when you opt to go to a dental SEO expert or some well-known dental SEO company.

SEO is merely your online fingerprint which is unique and specific to you. There might be some other online dentists having a similar domain names like yours but the SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Putting it very simply, it is a procedure of securing your website a higher rank against your competitors on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc. When your website starts to gradually rank higher on these search engines, it stands a better chance of getting more clicks and visitors to your online dental clinic.

It’s worth mentioning that it takes a lot to boost your online presence in the dental market and getting that top rank on various search engines. Some methods might be easy like simply updating your website code or doing compelling copywriting but that in itself won’t give you the desired results.

While the other methods demand more efforts but deliver exemplary results by going for a web designer or a dentist SEO agency and getting it properly optimized. Though, there would be some initial cost that covers purchasing the right of your unique domain name and registering it successfully. This would amount to the on-going website cost as well.

What Is The Best SEO For Dentists?

The SEO for dentists which is also called as the dental SEO or dentistry SEO, tries focussing on optimizing your dental practices website for different search engines. These optimisations include making your dental website highly mobile friendly, superfast and useful to your prospective dental patients. But how come SEO is relevant for dentist like you?!

SEO For Dentists: Why It Matters To Be The Best Online?

If you are one who is on a lookout for best SEO practices for dentists then you would also know it would be futile without doing search engine optimisation, else there is a high probability of not targeting and attracting the dental market to your website.

A recent study has confirmed that the top 5 search results make a whopping amount of 67.6% of all the clicks. Just imagine how great it would be if your dental website ranks at the top for different keywords and generate a buzzing traffic at your online clinic. Rest assured, such potential market would bring in more qualified leads, more new patients which would lead to greater branding, credibility and authority in your dentistry niche online.

But beware! Your fellow dentist competitor might have already gone to a dental SEO expert in USA or an SEO agency for dentists and invested heavily in the dental search engine optimisation.

It means it is a cut throat competition as your competitors are already abreast with the huge and never ending benefits search engine optimisation [SEO] brings to their online dentist business. So now SEO might be the only weapon to make it real big on search engines. To make it more accessible for your potential patients to reach you out when they search for the best dentist online in their area!

But there are few ignorant dentists who are not ready to trust the booming digital marketing going around in various businesses. This brings a rare opportunity for you to lead and attract more patients and revenue by your dental SEO practices. 

4 Easy Starter Tips For Your Dental Search Engine Optimsation

Any fool proof marketing plan requires a lot of research to know who your targeted dental market is and how to reach that audience. Same goes for SEO as well. When you try to be in the shoes of your patient, you would better understand their pain points and become the first one to grab their attention!

This attention would surely increase your online ranking that means it would garner more and more attention and that would lead to more revenue and profits. Hence the cycle keeps going on. 

So let us now, know what are the best dental SEO practices, which you must follow with the help of one of the best dental SEO companies out there to get more patients to your online dental business.

  • Add Right Keywords

    If you have been into dentistry field for quite some time then you must be well aware of the fact that prospective patients not only search for the best dentist in their area but also for specific services. 

Be it a simple teeth whitening or bridging their teeth gaps, “a long tail search that are made up of several words which have lower search volumes and the traffic that generates from these queries/searches is often super highly targeted and most of the times are ready to get converted into a real customer”.

Let us take a quick example, rather than optimizing your dental website for dentists or some dental services, you must also go for keywords like dentist [in your city], or more specific keywords such as children’s dentist [in your area], or broken tooth repair [in your area]. Such keywords are termed as long-term keywords and are really helpful in long term.

Also make sure to optimize your website for all those keywords and phrases that match with the services you as a dentist provide. For example, refrain from just using words such as a dentist or dental services in your website name/copy and URL. Instead use words like a root canal, braces, or any other names of procedures you perform or a specialist in or products/services that you offer. Also, work on the meta description of your dental webpages thoroughly.

  • Optimise To Appear On Local Searches

It is well known fact that when it comes to health, most people opt for local service providers. So it is advised not to miss out on these prime prospects if your dental search engine optimisation does not target such specific geographical areas. Hence one of the easiest ways to improve your ranking is to add the name of your town/city and nearby ones in your website copy. Do not just emphasise on one page out of your entire dental web design, but also add locations to your page titles and other URLs.

Do not forget to register your business on Google Maps and other local directory sites that would immensely help improve your visibility in various local searches.

  • Start Your Blogging Journey

No denying to the fact that the ultimate goal of any dental SEO strategy is to attract more and more patients by increasing your dentistry business visibility online like never before. So going for the dental search engine marketing would enhance your credibility and generate ample revenue. Blogging helps in just doing that! 

Write blogs with your personal flavour on different topics such as simple dental care tips, dental hygiene, etc to attract potential readers and dental care enthusiasts along with potential patients. The moment the traffic grows on your website, automatically your search engine ranking will rise and then there would be no stopping for you to become an authoritative source and mostly the first choice for all of those who are looking for the best dentist in your area.

  • Earn Some Valuable Links

Now both the number and quality of links to your dental website would determine how high your site would rank in the search results for the keywords and phrases that you have used for your dental business.

So in order to maintain consistent rankings, you need to work on earning quality links. One way of doing this is by creating unique quality content and reaching out to fellow bloggers in your dental industry and other high ranking dental websites to share your content.

This would not just boost up your rankings in the search results but would also help to position you as an authoritative leader in your dental niche. So when it comes to SEO for dentists, such links are highly essential. Hence, Google uses these links as one of the factors of ranking up websites.

Reach Right & More Potential Patients With Best Dental SEO Services

By carefully going through this guide blog, you might be having numerous questions as to what is the best SEO for dentists and how to do SEO for the same, what is the cost of SEO for dentists or whether you should go for a dental SEO company or agency or do the dental search engine marketing all by yourself!

But it is sure enough that these intricate Dos & Don’ts of SEO would take a lot of time to practice and master. So if you are looking to reach at the top of search engine results and earn profits that you have simply been dreaming of till now, then consult with our dental SEO & marketing agency to make your business the best in your dental niche.